Jun 30 2009

Spaghetti Carbonara

by Marisa


This pasta dish is in no way seasonal, not a typical light summer meal but I was at a Mexican resort for 10 days and had to endure buffet style, over cooked, barely room temperature, rigatoni (without lines) with tasteless and watery cream and tomato sauces….slimy. You can imagine this Italian girl who grow up eating pasta everyday had a problem with this and so when I got home had a real craving for some authentic pasta. A cream sauce, crispy, salty pancetta and the freshness of the parsley wrapped around my fork and gathered together with the help of my spoon to create that perfect creamy, salty, porky, pasta bite! Spaghetti is probably my least favorite cut of pasta (Yes! cuts count, more education on that later) but is a perfect companion for the carbonara. This is my version of the dish – a quick and simple classic that is a staple in my repertoire.